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one flew over the…wait, what was I saying again?

Do you ever have one of those days where you just feel like:

sit like a lady
(I don’t own this image. This look, however…)

That’s sort of how my week is going. Due to a new budget and the fact that my clinic isn’t certified yet, I have been working at a clinic that’s an hour away. It’s not a horrible drive, but I get road rage–or, at the very least, road irritation– quite easily, so there’s that. Plus, the staffing has been very…random…at the other clinic, so things are a bit…disorganized. (Where “disorganized” means that the job I spent 5 hours doing on Monday had to be undone yesterday because the big boss,whom I’ve never met but have heard about, thought it needed to wait. What?)

So, yeah. Feeling a little bit…rebellious. Also,

sell crazy
(I don’t own this image, either. This attitude…I have it. In spades.)

My new classes don’t start until next week, however, since I leave for Atlanta on Monday and won’t be back until late Friday night, I’m trying to get everything done for the first week of classes (that I can) and the reading done for the second week of classes. That’s…overwhelming, to say the least. I’ve resisted the impulse to lay my head down and cry at least twice already. Just fyi: the idea of reading 75 books a year is a lot less intimidating when you realize you’re reading four books simultaneously for school, plus your “just for fun” book (I’m lucky to read a chapter a day). Let’s not talk about the copy of Gone with the Wind eyeballing me from the corner, or the stack of books from my next class AND the books I need to read to review…

I need Hermione’s Time-Turner, and I haven’t even started on the actual homework yet

crazy person
(Nope, not mine, either. This is my current method of living, however.)



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