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week in review: under the sea

I accomplished a few things last week, so I’m linking up with Meghan over at Clean Eats, Fast Feets so I feel accomplished. (I need all of the help I can get this week.)

Also, you’re rocking that baby bump with style, Meghan. Just try not to panic. Not now, anyway.


I finished the outline of my current WIP, Siren Song. It’s not a great outline, but it’s an outline, so I’m happy.

Started my next-to-last semester of school for my B.A. Panic attacks may be happening due to the workload, but I’m trying to keep the phrase “It’s almost over,” in mind. And maybe self-medicate a bit. Possibly.

MM House 2
The Margaret Mitchell House.

Visited Atlanta and toured the home where my favorite book of all time, Gone with the Wind, was written. So freaking cool!

Whale shark! I’ve wanted to see these since the aquarium opened several years ago.

I got to spend the week in Atlanta, actually. The first two days were for a work conference. The last two days were for fum. The aquarium was amazing!

20160114_115418 - Copy
Top view of the big tank (the size of a foot ball field) on our behind-the scenes tour.
20160114_134115 - Copy - Copy - Copy
Tallulah, the manta ray with a wingspan of 15 feet. She was doing flips the day we were there.
My slightly artistic jellyfish shot. I love watching them float around. (From a safe distance, of course.)
20160114_132633 - Copy - Copy
Piranha! A.k.a. the reason my over-active imagination is not a fan of swimming where I can’t see what’s in there with me.


Was it wrong of me to have crab cakes a few hours after we left the aquarium? Disapproving crab is not amused.

Perhaps I’ll share some more photos later this week. Gratuitous yummy food pics, anyone?



4 thoughts on “week in review: under the sea

  1. I’ve been panicking since I found in August, although I think as overwhelming as the whole registering experience was, it also brought a sense of control and maybe, even a teeny tiny piece of calm when it was all said and done. After all, checklists were involved.

    That house is incredible and the football field size fish tank amazing. Talk about an impressive backstage tour.

    P.S. An outline is a great place to start…kind of like a baby registry. πŸ˜‰

    1. I would undoubtedly panic, too. Majorly. You seem to be handling it well, though. And checklists ate always a plus. πŸ™‚

      The Atlanta trip was fun. Great experience.

      The outline…sigh. If only the rest of my life would allow me time to write. Just worked 13.5 hours today…

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