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I want second breakfast..or first, actually

With the resounding lack of time in my schedule (crazy long hours at work, 15 hours of classes + homework, an abject need for sleep), I’ve been trying to meal prep for the week on Sundays. No big deal for lunch, but making breakfast ahead of time is something new for me.

I have to eat in the morning. Because I’m hungry. Because I take meds. Because I have no idea when “lunch” will be. As a fun added bonus, I have to get up at 3:45 (Yes, in the morning, blech.), so cooking really isn’t happening. The past two weeks I’ve just sort of tossed ingredients into a dish, covered it in eggs, and baked it. These egg casseroles come out something like this one over at Two Healthy Kitchens. (Sigh…I forgot to take pictures again. I really gotta work on that.)

I’m trying to cut out refined carbs (except for the sourdough bread I make from scratch), so I generally add sausage, onion, whatever random veggies I have on hand (this week, mushrooms and tomatoes), pour eggs over it, top with cheese, and bake.

However, some help either with variations on this dish, or with make-ahead breakfast would be greatly appreciated.

Anything to get me out the door on time, get me through a sometimes-14-hours-long day (yesterday), and keep me from getting cranky when I don’t have time to eat for….oh, say 9 hours or so (also yesterday).

On a side note:  did you know that you can be so busy that you don’t even remember to eat and you don’t get hungry? This is not a phenomenon I’ve experienced before.


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