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Noah in Cowboy Hat
Cutest nephew EVER.

Today is my nephew’s birthday.  He’s three. Isn’t he adorable?  I wish I could see him, but he’s 600 miles away, so that’s not happening. Hopefully I’ll get to talk to him as soon as he gets to Pops and YaYa’s house this week. (My mother decided she wanted to be called Yaya by any grandkids YEARS before there was any chance of her actually having some.)

Went to a funeral yesterday, for one of my old patients. I’m sad, but I know he’s not hurting and depressed anymore, so I’m happy, too. This is a hard field to work in.

The professor in my capstone English class gave me feedback on an essay I wrote a few weeks ago.  “I wish I could use this on day one of my composition classes.” I’m going to try to keep that in mind when I get discouraged and overwhelmed with the whole work/homework/no life thing.

Loving the springtime-in-the-winter weather we’ve been having lately. It was 80 degrees yesterday. In February. Wow. Who says global warming isn’t a thing?

I’m tired. And I have a thousand things to do today.

I wish I were exaggerating.



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