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week in review: time for a break

Linking up with Meghan at Clean Eats, Fast Feets to list my accomplishments for last week.


Finals are over (for now), and Spring Break is next week, yay!

This week was pretty busy. I:

Completed my final project/website.

Took a final exam that consisted of two essay questions (no pressure there).

Finished an essay.

Had a mini panic attack after receiving my syllabus for my American Women Writers class (Eight books. Eight weeks. Good thing I’ve read three of them before and just finished two more….)

Worked 40 hours or so on the day job.

Hiked seven miles with my BFF, plus another 2-mile walk on my own.

Two writing sessions on Siren Song!

Gave one of the cats a bath….(It was sadly impossible to capture his pitiful wailing and betrayed look, but it looked something like this…)

cat bath

Transferred 52 boxes from the storage building to the house, and went through 12 of them. (Fighting my pack-rat tendencies, remember?  On a side note, I have boxes and boxes of Star Wars toys, many still in the package, that I got custody of in my divorce, so it looks like I’ll be E-baying it up over the next few months…)

I think that’s about it. What did you accomplish this week?


6 thoughts on “week in review: time for a break

  1. I love that cat picture and I’m so impressed you bathed your furry friend. I’m pretty sure Oscar and Sam would gut me if I tried. It’s hard enough getting them to the vet, let alone cleaning them.

    Nice job on the work, reading, hiking and pack rat expunging front. 12 boxes is a shitton to go through and moving 52 of them…damn, I’m spent just thinking about it. Then again, walking a flight of stairs these days has me winded. #pregnancyproblems

    Enjoy your Spring Break!!

    Happy Monday and thanks for linking up.

    1. Well, I didn’t want to bathe him, but he needed it. He was not impressed. I think the only thing that saved me was his lack of claws. But he had the attitude to go with it…I’ll try to enjoy some of my Spring Break, you know, between all these boxes… My co-worker is due in May, and she says the worst part is not being able to draw a full, deep breath.

  2. 8 books in 8 weeks actually sounds like the best assignment ever! I would probably not do anything else but read 🙂 I’m sure this isn’t pleasure reading though, so you’re less than thrilled. What books are on tap?
    Have a great week!

    1. I love to read, and I would love the assignment, except for work, other assignments, reading for book reviews I’ve agreed to do, getting ready to move…. Actually, some of the books are quite pleasant. I’ve read Little Women, To Kill a Mockingbird, and The Poisonwood Bible before, but I’m planning to re-read for class. I finished The Awakening and The House of Mirth in January in preparation for this class. And I have The Coquette, The Bell Jar,and The Joy Luck Club also on the reading list. Not exactly punishment, but a lot of pages.

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