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I’ve spent the past three hours going through boxes that have been in storage for years, as well as sorting through the contents of one bookshelf and deciding what to keep. Don’t worry, I’m not throwing any books away. I will, however, be taking a lot of them to Half Price Books. They’ll buy some and they can donate the rest. This is a win-win to me:  a little bit of cash, free space, and the books they don’t buy will find a new home. Okay. Guilt of parting with books alleviated…I’m up to 7 1/2 boxes of books to donate, as opposed to 5 or 6 boxes of “keepers.”  Considering how I feel about books, I’m pretty happy with that number.

As far as the Star Wars toys….I’ve found 7 boxes so far, four of which are pretty large. Also some random collectible Barbies. I’m going to have to come up with a system for the E-bay thing,  or I’ll have a nervous breakdown when I start that project.

I’ve also boxed up close to ten more boxes of stuff to donate to Goodwill. Apparently, having the stuff in storage for years broke some emotional ties, thank goodness. Most of it, I’m not even having to think about. I’ve run across some keepsakes I want to hang on to, like ceramics from  my grandfathers, who both passed away a long time ago, and some glass kitchenware, that fits right in with my desire to eliminate plastic, So I’m feeling good about the whole process. Right now.

Okay. Now I have to go read. You know, for school…#itsaroughlifebutsomebodyhastodoit


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