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week in review: damage control


Linking up with Meghan over at Clean Eats, Fast Feets.

I’m tired. It’s been a crazy week. But I’m making progress. I swear. Sort of

I started the week with the living room looking like this:

l.r. before

I know. I clearly had way too much stuff. But I went through every one of these boxes this week, keeping maybe 10 boxes total (and two of those were Star Wars collectibles that I’ll be getting rid of after the semester is over, and at least another two are other collectibles).

I would show you an “after” picture of the living room, but I moved the…37…boxes of books that will be going to Half Price Books ASAP in there, so it’s still overrun with boxes. But all of the boxes from storage are out and gone through, and Baby Brother made 3 1/2 trips to Goodwill yesterday to drop off the boxes that ended up there. He signs the lease on his new place Thursday, so we’ll be emptying the storage building out next weekend.

Let’s see, I managed to keep up with all the homework for my classes, including writing 2,000 words on my final project/short story. I finished the rough draft of my grad school essay.

Worked about 40 hours at the day job.

Finished reading The Greatest Zombie Movie Ever and Little Women (I love that book!).

Um…tripped on a box and landed on my left knee. Which is now yellow, purple, and sore.

That’s about all the damage I did this week…


6 thoughts on “week in review: damage control

  1. That is an incredible amount of boxes. I’m so thankful, that when we moved last, God really tremendously blessed us with so many people from church coming over to help us unpack our moving boxes. Of course, we did a lot of re-arranging afterwards… I hope you have a GOOD day of refreshing rest today. Because of Jesus, Em

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