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building consistency

So, as I mentioned yesterday, I joined a gym last week. I haven’t worked out in…okay, months, because of being so busy with school, but I had decided that working on my health and fitness would have priority this summer. (Yes, and I need to lose some weight, too, but I’m way more into the health benefits. Doctor’s orders, history of a stroke…) Baby Brother has been trying to get me to go to the gym with him for months, and I never found the time. (I’m not saying I didn’t have the time. I just never found it.)

I went, and decided I liked it enough to join.I’ve never been much of a gym person. We had a great one when I lived in Louisiana, and I loved going, but that’s pretty much the only time. However, I do like Planet Fitness’ message of no judgement, and my local one has like 50 treadmills and 50 ellipticals, so I was sold. (Not going to lie, the massage chairs and hydromassage tables were not a bad thing, either.)

My goal is to go four times a week. Last week, I was out of town for a few days, so I only made it twice. Super Mom went with me on Sunday–she’s doing the Rim to Rim hike again in two weeks, with her hubby. We walked a bit on the treadmill, then did 10 minutes on the elliptical. Okay, seriously, when did that get so hard? Five years ago, when I lived in Louisiana, I could do an hour, no problem.

Now? making it 10 minutes seems like a major accomplishment. But I went today, too. So the week is off to a fairly healthy start. Now to keep it consistent…


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