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week in review: chance of sunshine slim

I was going to link-up with Meghan over at Clean Eats, Fast Feets yesterday…except WordPress went wonky, and I never got a post notification, and by the time I got home from my 13-hour-workday, I could barely form (mental) sentences, much less coherent paragraphs. So. (I think all WordPress issues are now resolved.)

I didn’t accomplish a whole lot last week:

Did a tiny bit of meal prep.

meal prep
Salad-in-a-jar and breakfast…casserole. Fresh sourdough bread hidden in the background in its bag.

I survived my 39th birthday.

My coworkers were kind enough to decorate my office with balloons. 39 of them, to be exact. At least they were my favorite color…There may or may not have also been a pink tiara that I refused to wear.

I also spent some time getting my prayer closet (the place I spend my morning quiet time) cleaned and organized. And brightly lit, with a new lamp.

The rocking chair was my great-grandmother’s and is undoubtedly older than I am.

I’m struggling with depression and a general unwillingness to be around people right now. While my faith should be strong all of the time, I’ve been distracted for a while now. Time to set that to rights…

Any suggestions for dealing with a break-up are also welcome.



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