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week in review: random accomplishments

I have actually accomplished some things this week, although I warn you:  these are really random accomplishments. No rhyme or reason around here….

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1) I made the hour-and-a-half drive back from the airport after dropping my mother off , in a torrential downpour and flooding, without incident. Thanks in large part to…

2) Got new tires put on Lucy, my little red (of course) car. She’s a 2005, with almost 220,00 miles, and she needed new tires. I was very thankful for them in the midst of the storm.

3) I also got the brakes checked, and of course I needed new ones, so I ponied up for that as well. Amount spent on Lucy in the last week and a half:  $1100. Not a bad price for peace of mind, I suppose.

4) Bought new workout shoes!

new shoes
The extremely orange ones were intended for work, but I’ve decided to upgrade my current workout shoes to that purpose, and use both the above pairs to motivate my butt into the gym. The green ones are practically air-conditioned, which should come in handy.

5) Saw Finding Dory with The Diva, because Just keep swimming has been our mantra for three years now.

6) Went to the eye doctor for the first time in too long. He told me two surprising things:  1) My eyes now classify as hazel instead of brown! (Thank you, Mom). 2) My vision is actually improving. (I’m a bit skeptical on this one, as I’m having a bit of blurriness with my right eye in my new contacts, but I’ll talk to him when I go in for my follow-up Wednesday.)

7) Successfully got the work crew together for a going-away lunch for our awesome boss. 😦

8) Gave myself a spa day! Massage, facial, and hair. The facial was the most relaxing part. I almost fell asleep. Apparently I had a knot in the middle of my shoulder blades on both sides, which were still sore two days after the masseuse worked them out. My hair is now dark brown/almost black, with fire-engine-red highlights. (I would love to do my hair entirely in the bright red, but I don’t want to bleach it all, which would be necessary.)

9)  Cooked two different times, tandoori chicken and beef stew. This is a major accomplishment, since I normally do batch cooking on Sunday for the week. And I made omelets for breakfast just about every morning (no mean feat at 4 a.m., let me tell you.)


2 thoughts on “week in review: random accomplishments

  1. I want to see a picture of the hair. It sounds fantastic.

    You had an amazing week, mainly because the whole spa day thing. A facial sounds like magic right now. I’d love one.

    Lucy sounds like a champ making it with that many miles through torrential downpours. I’m glad you both came out ok.

    I love the orange shoes. I have a thing for bold colors.

    Happy Monday.

    1. I’m horrible at taking selfies, but I’ll see what I can come up. My stylist never knows what I’m gonna want when I come in. The spa day WAS fantastic, and the facial rocked. And Lucy is awesome. As for the shoes…anything but pink.

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