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week in review:success, of a sort


Linking up with Meghan over at Clean Eats, Fast Feets to feel like I accomplished something for the week.

Usually I have an overly ambitious idea of what I can get accomplished during the week. This week, I feel like I did much, much better at actually accomplishing what I wanted to.

I tried something a little different this week:  I have three fairly-intensive, writing-related projects I want to work on. And, instead of trying to get a little bit done on all three of them on Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday, I assigned each of them a day to be my focus (along with other random things that come up, of course).

felt much less overwhelmed doing this, even if I didn’t actually get to work on all three projects (due to unforseen last-minute stuff that could not be helped). I feel like I was much more able to actually focus on the project at hand, instead of being mentally divided between three.

I feel like I had a pretty productive week, although I’m not sure how that will translate to this list. let’s see:

Continued with my meal prep/healthy eating/workout routine (I’ve lost 7.1 lbs total so far!). COMPLETED ALL OF MY SCHEDULED WORKOUTS! This is actually a big deal for me, because I am the world’s worst about talking myself out of workouts. “I coughed one time this morning? Oh, I better skip my workout. I must have the flu….” Not joking. This is what my brain tells me. But I got four cardio sessions in, plus two strength training.

The view from the start of the trail early Saturday morning. Very peaceful.

I hit the gym on Tuesday and Thursday, my BFF and I did 5+ miles on the trail on Saturday, and over 3 on Sunday (mostly walking, but with running intervals as well both days).

Pretty nice sunrise on Sunday morning.

I worked 3 full days at the job, plus a meeting on Tuesday that was supposed to last one hour, but lasted three hours (because we were all chatting). Also the reason I didn’t get any writing done on Tuesday…because it was writing or the gym after the meeting, and I went to the gym.

I went through some of the emails that have been piling up. Wrote a couple of book reviews over on my writing blog. Kept my running blog up-to-date with 3 or 4 posts, I don’t remember which.

Cleaned my apartment.

Re-arranged the spare bedroom by moving the bed and dresser, thereby creating much more space.

Made an agreement to sell 5 boxes of Star Wars toys to an online toy store, and got them mostly boxed up and ready to go out on Tuesday. I still need another sturdy box or two from work Monday, and I need to print shipping labels. (When I got divorced…um, I think 13 years ago, the ex left his rather extensive toy collection behind. Which has been in storage since then, and which I am now trying to get rid of. These 5 boxes are the ones still in packages. The rest will be going on Ebay–what I don’t decide to keep, anyway. I also have some stuff of my own to get rid of.)

Ah…I think that’s all I accomplished this week.


2 thoughts on “week in review:success, of a sort

  1. Wow, you did a lot and I love the idea of focusing on one project at a time. I could totally use a little of that in my life. I tend to bounce from one project to the next then back to the first, whereas it’d be so much better to knock one out completely.

    Congrats on the workout front too. You’re killing it.

  2. I’m hoping that the one-thing-at-a-time plan will work out. I just end up getting overwhelmed the other way, and with school about to start, I need to get myself together.

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