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zucchini and cupcakes

I need help, apparently. I obviously do not know the correct way to make “zoodles.” This doesn’t really seem like a problem, does it? But I’m trying to limit my carbs to healthier ones instead of sugar-laden ones.

Brief pause to ogle these cupcakes, once of which I consumed yesterday,  that were obviously full of heaping amounts of sugar. My co-worker go them for us from a local bakery that I’ve never visited. Vanilla buttercream frosting, almond cupcake. There are no words for how delicious this cupcake was. I had it for lunch. In stages.

cupcakes 2
Please note that you basically cannot see the cupcake for the overwhelming amount of icing.

Anway, back to the no-sugar thing. I think that’s we were talking about before I got sidetracked by dessert flashbacks.

Zucchini noodles. It’s pretty easy to find recipes for them online, generally Paleo recipes. I’m not really doing Paleo–because cutting out cheese is almost impossible for me–but Paleo recipes are generally low-carb or have healthier carbs in them. Like this recipe for zucchini noodles at Popsugar.

Mine never turn out this way. Maybe I’m cooking them too long? These look crisp and fresh. Mine are usually a bit soggy. I’ve even seen some recipes where the zoodles are raw. I’d never considered that.

Has anyone tried raw zucchini noodles?  Have a cooking tip for zoodles in general, or a good recipe to share?


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