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goals check-in

Since the year is more than halfway over (like, a month ago), I decided to do a brief re-cap of my progress on my personal goals for the year. They were:

1) Finish B.A. with all A’s.
2) Get to a healthy weight.
3) Run a half-marathon.
4) Continue to simplify.
5) Pay off Visa card.
6) Pay off Dell.
7) Pay off 5 small hospital bills.
8) Do 100 consecutive push-ups.

1)  I pulled two B’s in the Spring semester, so this is a no-go, but I only have two classes this fall, so I have no excuse for not earning A’s in these classes (whereas, to me, working full-time plus taking 15 hours of classes in the spring makes the B’s sort of understandable…if not acceptable in my mind.).

2)  I’ve lost 10 lbs. in the last 4 weeks, so I’m definitely making progress on this!

3)  I have started running again, but I only have two 5ks and a 10k scheduled for this year. And a half planned for February…

4)  Still simplifying. Still going through boxes of toys. (Looking at you, eBay.)

5)  I’m paying on the Visa card, but not yet working on paying it off.

6)  Ditto for the Dell account. (But I have a plan for this one.)

7)  No progress on the hospital bills, sigh.

8) I am doing push-ups as part of my strength workouts, but nowhere near 100. Goals…


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