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week in review: prep time


Linking up with Meghan over at Clean Eats, Fast Feets for the feeling of accomplishment.

Gearing up for my classes to start next week, so I’m trying to stay on top of things in general so I don’t start off my last undergraduate semester behind.

This week, I worked 2 full days at the day job, one half day (because I was exhausted and went home and took a nap), and one…quarter-ish day, and still put in right at 40 hours. That nap was fantastic, though.

Hit the gym three times and the trails once for four cardio sessions, plus two strength-training sessions. (Down 12 pounds now.)

Wrote 2,000 words in The Fall.

Went through the second half of another manuscript for Holly Lisle’s How to Revise Your Novel class (lesson 5). This MS was the first thing I ever started writing, and it’s way too long (Originally about 300,000k words, now about half that), and it needs serious work. It’s been an interesting experience to work on revising it.

Wrote three book reviews over on my writing blog.

Wrote three posts on my running blog.

Read…several books. Coming up blank on what they actually were, though.

Added some more–brighter–highlights to my hair.

hair piece
I suck at selfies–and I object to them on principle–so this is all I’ve got.

It’s funny how something like getting your hair done can lift you out of a depression. Bonus points for eliciting comments from all of the other stylists in the salon because “No one ever lets us use colors like that!”

Made cauliflower-crust pizza. Verdict:  pretty impressive considering the complete lack of flour of any kind. All my co-workers were impressed, too.

Might have given myself a flashback to cafeteria-era school pizza.

Got a fantastic deal on some great compression running socks. Being on my feet 12-14 hours 3 days a week can make running challenging. These socks help.


Went and visited a friend/patient in the hospital. She’s been in over 3 weeks, and she just now graduated to a regular room from ICU, so I could visit. Some days, I love my job…because I meet some awesome people through it.

And…that’s about it for me this week.





4 thoughts on “week in review: prep time

  1. 40 hours in 2 days. Eep, that is no good. Reminds me of my old schedule. Thank god you went a took a nap.

    I love the hair and I appreciate the glimpse.

    I plowed through the rest of Outlander (the fourth book) like 400 plus pages last week and finished it last night. So. Good. I am hooked on that series.

    1. I LOVED the Outlander books! Diana Gabaldon is fantastic to hear speak, as well….well, there was the extra two short days, so it wasn’t QUITE that bad, but the nap was great. Need one now, actually.

  2. Love those compression running socks! And I only made cauliflower crust once and it was not what I was expecting, I’m looking to find a new recipe because everyone raves about it!

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