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week in review:back from beyond


Linking up with Meghan over at Clean Eats, Fast Feets for today’s shenanigans.

I kind of took a week off from both blogging and working out. Unplanned, and for no other reason than sheer laziness, but there you go. So this post is kind of a 2-week catchall.

I only got in 4 workouts in the past 2 weeks (instead of my planned 4).

Instead, I ate cupcakes.

From Nothing Bundt Cakes, which are…beyond heavenly. A carrot cake, and a pecan praline. Carrot cake is always my favorite.

And Chinese food.

pei wei
Mongolian beef and edamame-topped sushi from Pei Wei.

I shouldn’t be looking at these pics. I’m getting hungry…Oh!  The Saint actually tried a bite of sushi for the first time. She doesn’t like seafood, so that was pretty epic.

Worked 50 hours at the day job two weeks ago, and 40 last week. And kept up with all my school stuff. I’m definitely calling that a win.


Found this goodness at Aldi on Friday. I needed peanut butter. It sounded appealing, so I bought some…and went back this morning and bought 3 more jars of the Cookie Nookie flavor. Holy crow! Have you seen this stuff? If you do, you should try it. There are chocolate drops in both flavors!  I have to ration myself.

Saw this madness on my run this morning:


Mom and baby emu. Might have been more…something, if I wasn’t a little creeped out by birds. Especially large ones. With beady eyes…



4 thoughts on “week in review:back from beyond

  1. So I need that peanut butter company in Canada. Now. You guys get the BEST peanut butter flavors. And I sit here in plain jealousy. Sigh.
    Um you saw an EMU on your run!? That is, probably the coolest thing I heard all weekend.
    And congrats on the carrot cake >> workouts. I approve.
    Have a great week, Kate!

    1. I have to say, it IS pretty good peanut butter. The chocolate drops really elevate it to the next level. I was far more interested in the baby emu than the big, scary momma. Thanks!

  2. Look at you with all the pictures!! I’m loving it, even the creepy birds.

    I call those lazy weeks battery rechargers. We need those from time to time, especially when you work as many hours as you do along with going to school.

    I will take two Bundt Cakes please. Alright fine, better make it three with two carrot cakes. 🙂

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