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week in review: boring


Linking up with Meghan over at Clean Eats, Fast Feets, as usual.

Got in all 4 cardio sessions this week, plus 2 of strength.

The Mammoth Race (5k) is in 4 weeks, so I’m trying to keep focused/motivated for that.

Did a bunch of homework, including starting a new story (the assignment is only 3,000 words, but I’ll turn this one into a novel later). Also did a bit of writing on my other WIP. But no revisions this week. šŸ˜¦

Worked 40 hours at the job, including getting to shop/decorate for fall! (Really should take pics of the lobby.) This is my favorite time to decorate for.

Got two book reviews written on the writing blog.

Three posts written on my running blog. I’m thinking about combining that one with this one, to increase productivity. Thoughts?

Even read several books this week, which was awesome!

Saw this scenery on my run this morning (no emus this week):


That’s it for this week.



2 thoughts on “week in review: boring

  1. Your title made me laugh. I’d say a week with workouts, writing, reading and decorating is a win and far from boring. I’m always amazed you have three blogs so I say combine away.

    Also way to work a more reasonable amount of hours…unless of course it was forty hours in three days. Oy.

  2. Well, there just wasn’t that much entertainment in there. Lots of hard work, though. Um…yeah, the 40 hours was in 3 days. Except for about 2 hours on Thursday. And I’m getting a bit tried of juggling 3 blogs, so I think I’ll combine of them. Thanks for the input!

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