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week in review

Linking up with Meghan over at Clean Eats Fast Feets.

I’m pleased to say that this week was a bit more than last week.

I did get to go to the funeral for my friend (working in health care, there are certain legal staff to patient ratios that must be maintained, so it required some juggling, but it happened. Thanks to my awesome co-workers!) It was really more a Celebration of Home-Going than a funeral, and it was lovely.

I got most of–but not all–the stuff on my To-Do list done. Homework done (and worked ahead, so that this week’s assignments are pretty much all done as well). Various cleaning and apartment-related chores knocked out.

Only one book review written, but I’ll take it. No just-for-fun-reading done, either, but I’ve finished up reading some of my have-to-reads, so I should be able to sneak some in this week.

Only did two workouts. Ugh. But two is better than nothing. I’m also down 20 pounds now!

Sneaked in a bit of shopping with The Diva:

Found this awesome beach scene painting at the Dollar Store, of all places. I love the beach!
Then we grabbed burgers…forgetting to take pics until partially through. Oops.

And I got some goodies to organize my Bullet Journal supplies.

Now I need to work on organizing the rest of my desk…


Last Wednesday, I went to The Gathering at my church, a nationwide pray for America event. Saw my dad’s favorite author, Max Lucado.


And Saturday, I got baptized (again)! I was baptized as a child, but not since I started my real walk with God a few years ago. Pretty much all of my tribe went:

Baby Brother, who had my phone.


The Diva (her hubby was there, too, but he hates getting his picture taken.).



Who will probably kill me for putting her picture on the internet, but she’s actually SMILING! (And my eyes are totally closed in this one.)

And of course, The Saint, who actually baptized me, which was awesome.

Thanks, friend.

Then we all went to Lee’s Grilled Cheese for food.

Grilled Mac-n-cheese Grilled Cheese Sandwich, with sauteed mushrooms. Every bit as awesome as it looks.

That’s all I have for this week.


2 thoughts on “week in review

  1. That sandwich though. I need a grilled mac & cheese sammie in my life.

    Congratulations on getting baptized again. That’s awesome and I’m so glad you got to go to the send off.

    Three cheers for working ahead on your homework too. Enjoy your week.

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