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tiny changes, much happiness

I’m playing hooky from the gym today, in favor of keeping caught up on my week. And avoiding people. Also very important. (I’m an introvert. Sometimes people exhaust me.)

Last week, I went into the kitchen to get a glass of water…and 20 minutes later, finished cleaning off the counter/rearranging the clutter. Distracted much? Yep.

I love my apartment, but the kitchen is small and gets cluttered easily. I do my best to keep it clean and mess-free, but having stuff sitting on the counter drives me up the wall. I’d recently seen this article on One Good Thing, by Jillee.

Inspiration was born! Or hatched. Whatever.

I boxed up things in the kitchen that I decided to hang, so I could continue my kitchen-reorganizing. The bamboo basket I keep cheap wash cloths in (instead of using paper towels) was banished under the sink. The extra-large utensils that had holes in the handle were put in the box, as well as some random kitchen implements that don’t get much use (cheese grater, I’m looking at you).

I reorganized under the kitchen sink. Got rid of extraneous/expired stuff. Got everything possible off the counter. And cleaned all of the counters extra thoroughly. The next day, I picked up super cheap (97 cents for 11 or 12) metal shower rings and an also-cheap (about $4) tension rod, which I installed over my kitchen sink, between two cabinets. I hung everything I could hang, finished up the reorganization project, and was so happy with the much-less-cluttered result (wish I’d thought to snap a “before” picture).


This is what I came up with, and it honestly makes such a difference, though it’s so simple!  I feel so much better in my kitchen now.


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