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week in review: races, rocks, and dinosaurs (oh my)!


I’m linking up with Meghan over at Clean Eats, Fast Feets for the link party.

Happy Monday! Or, “Ugh, Monday!” Whichever.

Last week I was only semi-accomplished, what with working over 40 hours at the day job (in 3 days), and getting my final project ready for my class (which ends this week). Not to mention the phone meeting with my graduate school advisor.

But the real fun last week was the Mammoth Race, the 5k trail race, on Saturday.

The BFF and I did it.


She had a migraine that sent her to Urgent Care on Thursday, and another on Friday, so we weren’t looking to be super competitive or anything. Just wanted to finish. Which we did, in about 50 minutes, which was perfectly fine, considering quite a bit of the trail was covered in slick mud and rocks that had to be clambered over or down, and it was mostly room for only single-file, with three constantly-yelling pre-teens right in front of us.

Fun times.

Also fun:

The first river crossing.

..I was too busy trying not to fall in the knee-deep-and-rocky second crossing to take a picture.


The finish line was near these beauties.

All-in-all, it was a fun day.

Also did a couple of book reviews over on the writing blog, and that’s about it.

See you next week!

Oh, I almost forgot:  3-calendar-month weigh-in was right at 24 pounds lost!


4 thoughts on “week in review: races, rocks, and dinosaurs (oh my)!

  1. Awesome job on doing the 5K. I think a trail run would be a lot of fun, in a sick way of course.

    You work too many hours. It’s a good thing you like your job.

    Congrats on the weight loss. You’re kicking ass and taking names.

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