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weekend workouts #12

The joint workout did not happen yesterday, so I hit the gym by myself for the Week 1, Day 2 of the 10k training plan.


Yes, I did keep walking a few extra seconds so the calories-burned display would read 500. I can’t lie; being that close kicked my OCD into gear.

Instead of the 4 x 10-minutes intervals I was supposed to run, I did 3 x 10-minutes at 4.6 mph, then 3 x 1-minute at 6 mph. It worked, and even though my legs were dead, I loved the push at the end.

Today, we met for our usual outdoor Sunday run.


Not going to lie:  we did more walking than we should have. But we pushed ourselves during our runs (especially the uphill ones). Including one where I was ahead of her, and her watch said her pace was 10 minutes per mile, so mine had to be about 9:45 or so. I didn’t feel like I was going fast, so that info made me feel good.

Hit up a couple of salads this week, t00, because I was craving them. Like this one:


Fairly simple, with lean roast beef and bleu cheese, plus an olive oil vinaigrette. I didn’t get a pic of the one I had for dinner last night (because I was starving), but it had the roast beef, bleu cheese, buffalo ranch sunflower seeds, and some roasted asparagus on top, with an Oikos ranch dressing (pretty low cal). So good!

Onward and upward!






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