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good news

First, the good news: saw my doctor this morning. He says my labs looked better than they ever have, and he’s thrilled with my progress. My cholesterol readings—both of them—are even below the lower limit for the healthy cholesterol range. (Funny to me, as I haven’t been watching that at all, since I’m on a cholesterol med preventive for stroke.)

I’ve lost 25 pounds so far, and he said I need to lose about 25 more pounds. My own personal goal is 55 pounds, but it’s good to have confirmation I picked a reasonable number. He’s thrilled with the weight loss. He’s thrilled with my running. He’s just very supportive of all of my efforts.


Had another easy 2-mile jog on the schedule today with the My Asics plan.


It’s weird to switch training plans, and go from running intervals to running miles at a certain pace. I like it so far, though.

In other news, I signed up for two races today:

The Blacklight Run (5k) in about 3 weeks.

And The Chocoholic Frolic (10k) 3 weeks after that.

Onward and upward!





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