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weekend workouts #13

I hit all of my cardio workouts this week!  (Missed strength training on Tuesday, but I did add in push-ups yesterday, so that semi-counts, right?) I’m really liking the new My Asics training plan. Like, a lot! I think the intervals in the C25k plan helped me build up to running…but those intervals were using the assumption that I could run a 10-minute mile starting from the beginning. That’s so not accurate. However, the My Asics plan gives you mileage for your runs, and gives you a pace range as well. And it will let you know if you’re going too slow—or too fast.

Yesterday’s workout:


My plan called for running 2 miles at a pace of 14:42. My BFF’s plan called for her to run 3 miles at a different pace. Fortunately, we were on treadmills, so this wasn’t a problem. When I finished my 2 miles, I did 5 x 60 seconds @ 6 mph, with walking in between, and then we cooled down together. That 6 mph pace does not seem quite so far-fetched a goal now.

Today’s workout:


I had another 2-mile run scheduled. She had 5 miles. So we warmed up for 10 minutes, walking, and then we ran. We kept our pace pretty slow, but it was faster than the “planned” pace for both of us. It actually went great! We’ve been taking a lot of walking breaks on these street/hill runs, and we didn’t do that today. Well.

Actually…when I finished my 2 miles, I walked for a minute or 2, then ran to catch up with her and ran with her for a bit. Then I repeated the walk-run routine while she finished her 5-mile run!  She did awesome! It may have been a slowish pace, but she ran all 5 miles, and there were some tough hills in there!

I think I probably ran around 4 miles, but I’m not sure. I know my intervals when I ran to catch up to her were much faster than the required pace, and this was a tough workout, but I’m proud of us.

When I got home, this was my Fitbit read-out:


I’m pretty happy about this week’s workouts…and about the 3 races I signed up for. 🙂

Onward and upward!



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