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breaking the holding pattern

First, if you’re even the slightest bit interested in running, beating drug/alcohol abuse, adventure racing, and/or overcoming struggles in your life, you should read Running Man by Charlie Engle. Fantastic read! Review up over on my writing blog.

I got a little bit derailed by pizza yesterday, (Okay, a lot derailed), but I’m eating clean today, to the tune of veggie soup and a boiled egg for breakfast (Please don’t ask why I had soup for breakfast:  it sounded good, so that’s what I ate.),  and cabbage and sausage for lunch.

Between those two meals, I hit the gym for a 2-mile run plus 10 minutes of walking as my warm-up/cool-down.


I was supposed to maintain a 14:45 pace, but I had to speed it up a bit for the last third of a mile. This pace (Okay, I’ve actually been running about 30 seconds faster.) feels easy, and 2 miles is comfortable, so I’m looking forward to increasing pace and mileage later this week.

Onward and upward!


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