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skipping the important bits

I ended up having to work today. Not a regular day, but I had to be at my clinic by 9:30, for several hours, so I had to be motivated as soon as I got up. I was. Had my quiet time. Cooked breakfast. Made sure everything I needed was on my laptop. Then I did my push-up training and one round of the tabata workout I’ve been doing for strength.

At the gym, I had another easy 2 miles on the schedule, at a pace of 14:45/4.16 mph. That didn’t happen. I did the first mile and a half at 4.3 mph, the next .25 miles at 4.4 mph, and the last .25 at 4.6 mph. (Negative splits, of a sort.) I was cutting it close on time, so I skipped my cool-down to get to work on time, changed when I got there, and then walked around for a few minutes as my cool-down.


I wish I’d had time for a proper cool-down and some stretching, but that didn’t happen. Saturday I finally get to up my mileage and my pace (Who am I with this?), so we’ll see how that goes. My 16-week weigh-in this morning has me at 27 pounds lost! (Less than a pound away from the halfway point!)

Onward and upward!


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