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weekend workout#14

I woke up this morning with my stomach bothering me, and the BFF was out-of-town last night, so I skipped my run today. 😦 I have so much school stuff/random life stuff to do today, I don’t think I’ll make it for a run later. Maybe, but not super-likely.

Yesterday, however, we did hit the gym. I did my first run on the My Asics plan of longer than 2 miles.


I had 3 miles on the schedule at a “comfortable” pace between 12:49-13:46. I actually averaged a 13:17 pace, so I’m pretty happy with that. I did most of the run at 4.5 mph, but I sped up to 4.7-5.0 mph for the last quarter-mile, because I was so ready to be done!

Finished up with a good stretching session. I usually skip this, which I know is bad, and it’s a habit I’m trying to break.

Back to work.

Onward and upward!


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