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weekend workouts #16: you glow, girl

Missed some workout this week, which I’m now making up, since I’m on vacation this week (!). Little bit of excitement this weekend:


We did the Black Light Run last night and had a blast!  Except for that first glow station, where the BFF got hit in the face—which is why she looks like a demented Oompa Loompa in this pic—and we both inhaled the stuff. Blech.

I somehow kept up with her 14-year-old daughter—mostly, and finished in less than 33 minutes! It was a fun run, not a timed event or anything, and it wasn’t quite 3.1 miles, but I am pretty proud of how I did! Especially that whole keeping-up-with-a-14-year-old thing. Also, that pace is only 45 seconds off my “goal” pace for the 10k in 3 weeks (Basically, my pie-in-the-sky goal pace.).


Today’s run went like this:


The “run” part was 3 miles in 41:20 on the trails, with an average pace of 13:42. Considering we had just run 14 hours before, I’m happy with that as well.

Did anyone else get any workouts in this weekend?

Onward and upward!



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