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…and miles to go before the end…

I’ve run 10.5 miles in the last 72 hours. For me, that’s a lot. First was the 5k Saturday night.


Then 3 miles on the trail on Sunday.



Less than 14 hours after the 5k. BAD IDEA.  I was really sore yesterday, and I’m still feeling it today, despite a hot bath with Epsom salts Sunday evening.

This morning, I ran 4.5 miles at the gym.


Four miles at 4.5 mph, .25 at 4.7 mph, and the final .25 at 5.0 mph. Side note:  I realize just how much increasing my speed the last quarter- and half-mile has helped me when I had a burst of speed at the end of the 5k Saturday night!

Onward and upward!


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