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on the injured list

I haven’t run since 12/4. Saw my doctor on the first for a regular appointment, and mentioned the pain I’d been having in my upper right thigh/hip. It was very minor, and I wasn’t overly concerned, but I wanted to mention it. He thought it was probably tendonitis.

I ran the 10k that Sunday. On concrete. Half a mile in, my leg started hurting, so I did quite a bit of walking, but I finished the 10k. But the next day, my leg was hurting pretty bad, so I got in to see the nurse practitioner who works with my doc.  She decided to give me a steroid and something for pain, and I went back this Tuesday to see her again.

I actually saw her and my doc both. They’re still thinking it’s tendonitis (IT band), but I have instructions to not run, only walk, and do stretching and foam rolling every day, along with taking Tylenol (OTC options are limited with my medical history). I go back to see him in 3 weeks.

No running.

Just when I’m supposed to be starting half-marathon training.



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