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week in review: things I am grateful for

I’m a little tired of my recent boring re-hashes—what can I say, while I’m super busy, it’s mostly an introverted sort of busy, hence without excitement–so I’m going to change it up little bit, and list things I am/was grateful for last week instead.

Still linking up with Meghan at Clean Eats, Fast Feets, for it, though.


Monday:  I am grateful for the opportunity to leave work after only 10 1/2 hours—instead of the usual 14 or so—go home, and take a nap, since I woke up at 1:30 a.m. and couldn’t go back to sleep. The nap did make it a bit hard to sleep that night, though, so I also watched a few TV shows I hadn’t had time to watch. From, like, September…

Tuesday:  I’m grateful for a productive day, and the opportunity to be a little bit artsy while setting up my Bullet Journal for 2017.


“Finished” product:


Wednesday:  I’m grateful for the solid team I work with. Family.

Thursday:  I’m grateful I finally got my x-rays done—the machine has been down for a week, and my appointment with the sports medicine doctor is on the 5th.

Friday:  I’m even more granulate for the fantastic team I work with because they stayed calm and collected even when we were being screamed at and cussed out by an angry—and somewhat scary—person. This team rocks!

Saturday:  I’m grateful for the BFF and a long talk while walking 4.5 miles. I’m grateful for a fantastic church service that soothed my spirit in the midst of a time of intense soul-searching and mental healing (still ongoing) from hurts. And I’m grateful for great Italian food at a little local place, because comfort food!

Bad picture, but fabulous food!

Sunday:  I’m grateful for a quiet day to get (some of) my thoughts straight and to make a few plans for the year ahead.


What are you grateful for?



3 thoughts on “week in review: things I am grateful for

  1. Love this and lovvveee the journal art. So beautiful. One of my favorite “artist dates” to give myself is a night of water coloring or painting – just single pages of whatever comes into my head. You’re never too old for paint and glitter.
    Really happy to hear about the support you feel through friends and church and work. These things really are our rocks when we’re dealing with..well…life. Happy New Year ❤ ❤

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