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where I blather on about what I didn’t accomplish last year, and my goals for this year


I’m just going to say it:  I did not hit all my goals for 2016. There. No sugar-coating here. However, the mere fact that I had goals—fore the fist time in 3 years or so—is a big step, and I did make progress on my goals, so I’ll count it as a win.

In 2016, my goals were:


1) Finish B.A. with all A’s. Mostly happened:  got two Bs—I think—last spring.

2) Get to a healthy weight. Got almost halfway to my goal weight.

3) Run a half-marathon. Nope. But this year, I’m already signed up for one.       

4) Continue to simplify.  Work in progress, but yes.

5) Pay off Visa card.  Nope.

6) Pay off Dell.  Also no.

7) Pay off 5 small hospital bills. Think I paid off 2.

8) Do 100 consecutive push-ups. Also no.


1) Read Gone with the Wind. Done!

2) Read one book per month from my TBR pile. Done!

3) Read all books on the American Women Writers class list. Done!

4) Read one classic per month. Done!

5) Read one book of poetry. Done!

6) Read two books per month to review. Done!

7) Read one inspirational book per month. Done!

8) Read 75 books total for the year. Done! Actually, I read 128 books, and if you’d like to see what they were, here’s my list on Goodreads.

Goals for 2017


1)  Run half-marathon.

2)  Run full marathon.

3)  Reach goal (healthy) weight.

4)  Do 100 push-ups.

5)  Pay off 5 bills.

6)  Finish copywriting class and start earning money at it.

7)  Make A’s in Grad School classes.


1)  Read one book per month set in a different culture or by an author from a different culture.

2)  Read 100 books.

3)  Read one classic per month.

4) Read one spiritual book per month.

5) Review 5 books per month.

6) Read one book from TBR pile every other month.

7)  Read Battlefield Earth.



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