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3 ingredient pancakes (well, really four)

Yesterday morning, I woke up at 3 to get ready for work…but I was feeling pretty horrible. My head/sinuses were all congested, couldn’t breathe, drainage, you name it. Normally, we don’t have “extra” staff, so I’m accustomed to working even if I don’t feel 100%. Fortunately, this time we did, so I was able to stay home, take meds, and just generally be lazy/miserable while laying on the couch.

Sadly, I had to leave the apartment to get said meds, and while I was out, it started snowing. Y’all, I live in North Central Texas. We rarely get snow. And when we do, people freak out and forget how to drive. Fortunately, I was getting in the car when the snow started, and only about two miles from home, so I got home, got the groceries inside, and watched the now-pretty snowflakes for a bit.

…where was I going with this? Oh, yes. Pancakes.

Yesterday morning, I woke up craving pancakes. But…I’m trying to cut out most simple carbs right now, which makes it a lot harder to make pancakes. I thought I remembered a recipe from Eat, Run, Repeat that involved peanut butter, a banana, and an egg. So I bought bananas. And eggs, but I always have eggs on hand. And peanut butter.

This morning, still hungry for pancakes, I tried to find that recipe. No luck, so I searched for 3-ingedient pancakes, and came across this one on allrecipes. Close enough. Ingredients:  1 mashed banana, 2 eggs, 1/8 of a teaspoon of baking powder.

So I mixed up the batter.


At this point, it looked more like an omelet than pancake batter, but I soldiered on. And added cinnamon. I wanted to add almonds and frozen blueberries, because yum, but I decided to hold off and test the recipe as is.

Minutes later, I had pancakes cooking.


Looking a little less like tiny omelets…


The finished product, topped with a bit of peanut butter and Maple Grove Sugar Free Syrup. Verdict:  Sure, not “perfect” (i.e. traditional/full of flour) pancakes, but a more than acceptable replacement. Confession:  my pancake-making skills fall closer to “barely scraping by” than “perfection,” so the cakes aren’t as pretty as they would be if made by someone more competent. But they’re tasty. And that’s what really counts, when we’re talking about pancakes, right”?


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