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week in review: low key


Linking up with Meghan over at Clean Eats, Fast Feets for this one.

I don’t feel like I was super productive this week, but that may be because I was off on Monday (because of the half marathon last Sunday…wasn’t sure how sore I’d be, so I took it off).

I ended up scheduling a pulmonary function test for 8 a.m. On Monday, so that actually worked out. Instead of having to drive to Arlington, I only had to drive to North Richland Hills. In Monday morning rush hour traffic….sigh. But I see my pulmonologist on Thursday. Here’s hoping my blood test results came back good and I don’t have to start therapy. (I have a genetic lung condition called alpha-1 antitrypsin deficiency that my PCP found on a random blood test about 3 years ago).

Then, The Saint and I took advantage of me being in her neighborhood, and met for…brunch at First Watch. (If we meet at 9:30, is it breakfast or brunch? I don’t know.)

I had a smoked salmon frittata with roasted vegetables, ciabatta toast, and organic mixed greens. Also some kind of morning tonic from the fresh juice bar, that included beet juice and turmeric. The food was incredible, the service was outstanding, and the atmosphere was wonderful. Basically, I wanted everything on the menu.

I made healthy cabbage rolls for weekly meal prep, and they were yummy!

I worked Wednesday and Friday, and didn’t go in for the few hours I was planning on on Thursday because I was tired and didn’t feel like it.

Instead, I rearranged the living room to make room for my new treadmill.

Treadmill will go here.

I feel pretty good about the new arrangement. I was worried it would feel overcrowded, but I think I’m good.

I finished up the last assignments for finals week for my Graduate School Success class.

Bought a purple basil, two tomato plants, and a chocolate mint, and re-potted them and some lemon trees I’m growing from seed. I should probably take pictures of my plant window…

A bit of writing. Some reading. A couple of book reviews.

Oh, and I ate healthy and tracked all my food, water, and steps for the week. Getting back on the healthy bandwagon again.


2 thoughts on “week in review: low key

  1. I call it brunch when booze is involved regardless of the time. I’m not sure about my logic but I’m sticking with it.

    I love how many plants you have. I have a ton and while they can be a lot of work, they really make a space look inviting. All the books help too. Basically your living room is my idea of a cozy place to curl up.

    Happy Monday.

  2. That logic works for me. Guess this was breakfast, since I was healthy and booze-less. I love plants, too. it would just feel so…sterile without them. And I’m ALL for curling up with a book.

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