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week in review: beastly


Linking up with Meghan over at Clean Eats, Fast Feets for this one.

Busy week this week. New class started, News Writing and Reporting. My type-A self that likes to know what the semester holds in store is NOT HAPPY that even the assignment due this week is not posted…Also decided to take only one class this summer, not two. In the interest of not having a nervous breakdown…

FANTASTIC NEWS:  one of my patients got a transplant Friday! This happens so rarely in dialysis, and he is doing great, and the kidney is working wonderfully!

I worked 4 days/45-ish hours this week on the day job. In other news, I am now precepting a new trainee who may or may not be a little too whiny to for my taste. So…this should be a learning experience for both of us. Also, I went and scoped out things at my newly-acquired clinic, and found things in such a state of disaster that I wanted to lie down and cry. True story.

Got all caught up on The Walking Dead. I have nothing to say about Morgan’s denouement to crazed madman without warning. My real question is “WHERE is Daryl?” There’s only three episodes left this season…:(

I did get some reading in, and posted two book reviews over on my writing blog, plus a writing post. I also reviewed one of those books, The Year of No Clutter, by Eve Schaub, on here as well. I completely enjoyed this book! I thought it would be a bit dry and maybe boring, but it was anything but. And I love the author’s naming herself a “clutter-gatherer,” since I fight that tendency myself.

Kept all four appointments with Forrest, my treadmill, this week, plus two strength-training sessions!

I also took myself on a movie date to see Beauty and the Beast, and thought it was wonderful! (You know, except for all the chattering kids in the matinee.)

Think that’s about it for me. I’m off to finish The Orphan’s Tale, which I somehow forgot to review last month.




2 thoughts on “week in review: beastly

  1. I was hoping based on your heading you had seen the movie Beauty and the Beast. I’d love to see it too.

    Congratulations on your patient getting a kidney transplant. That’s awesome. I’ve a friend who’s had one and it’s serious business.

    Good luck getting the new facility in order.

    1. Oh, the movie was wonderful! I loved the cartoon version, and this definitely lives up to it. My patient is doing great, and actually went home yesterday. It’s VERY serious, but so awesome. I hope your friend is doing well.

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