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weekly update

I missed the Week in Review link-up at Clean Eats, Fast Feets yesterday, because I spent a lot of the weekend trying to rest and recover from last week.

I worked 5 days straight. Which is normal for most people, but to someone used to a MWF schedule, it was tough. Monday and Wednesday were about 14 1/2 hours long, Tuesday and Thursday were around 4 hours or so each, and Friday was only 11 1/2 hours. Only. But I did get the huge annual report done a week early–for both clinics–with the help of an awesome lady at the network. She was SO great!

I barely had time to work on homework, although I did manage to get it done. My professor said he would be very active on the discussion board and available for questions…he finally posted yesterday, on the beginning of the third week of class–so a quarter of the way through class. He also seems super proud of being a hard professor, and says we should already know how to do this stuff. Um…if I already knew it, would I even be taking the class? Also, what, exactly, is YOUR JOB as my professor, if it isn’t to teach? His feedback on the one assignment he’s graded was less-than-helpful, so you can imagine how much I’m looking forward to this week’s assignment:  a local, hard news story. With basically no guidelines except “I will take off points for every instance of something not adhering to the rules.” Seriously, dude?

I was too tired and busy to work out last week (I’m sorry, Forrest!), except for a 5-mile walk with Super Mom on Sunday. I did get in a mile run, some stretching, and weights today, though.

I made this super tasty paleo unwrapped eggroll recipe this weekend from Ancestral Nutrition. It’s so good! naturally, I forgot to take pictures, but it’s seriously good!

And that’s about all that’s going on with me.


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