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week in review: all the pretty colors

I’ve managed to miss Meghan’s link-up for like a month now, but I’m trying to get it together today. The last month has been pretty crazy. Enough said. Last week, I: Got in two cardio sessions and one strength session. (Wasn’t quite my goal, but better than nothing. Lost 4.4 pounds. (Not bad, considering I’d… Continue reading week in review: all the pretty colors

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the past week’s workouts

Starting over fitness-wise sucks. (Also any other-wise. Just sayin’.) I’ve been struggling to get back into running, without hurting my leg again, and while combating several months’ worth of inertia. (UGH.) I’m signed up for the Route 66 half-marathon in Tulsa in November, plus the Mammoth Race 5k Trail Run in October, so I have… Continue reading the past week’s workouts

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easy, low-carb sausage balls

I’m all about meal-prepping. Life is busy. I don’t have time to cook every night. (Or every other night, for that matter.) Besides, I’m usually just cooking for me, so there’s not point in putting out a lot of effort for every meal. I try to meal prep for the week on Sundays. And I’m… Continue reading easy, low-carb sausage balls