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the past week’s workouts

Starting over fitness-wise sucks. (Also any other-wise. Just sayin’.) I’ve been struggling to get back into running, without hurting my leg again, and while combating several months’ worth of inertia. (UGH.)

I’m signed up for the Route 66 half-marathon in Tulsa in November, plus the Mammoth Race 5k Trail Run in October, so I have things to train for.

I’ve just been struggling. Between work, school, and life drama (Not MINE.  Just someone close to me.), being healthy has been hard.

I did manage two workouts in the past week.

Strength training, plus this last Tuesday:

Only one mile of this was running.

And today, strength training plus this:

Ran 1.3 miles at 2% incline on Forrest…before I got a bit light-headed and quit.

Starting over is hard.



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