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week in review: all the pretty colors


I’ve managed to miss Meghan’s link-up for like a month now, but I’m trying to get it together today.

The last month has been pretty crazy. Enough said.

Last week, I:

Got in two cardio sessions and one strength session. (Wasn’t quite my goal, but better than nothing.

Lost 4.4 pounds. (Not bad, considering I’d gained back about 12. Sigh…Also not bad when you consider how hit-or-miss my healthy eating was. But I did try out intermittent fasting, and I think that counteracted the burger—or two—I had this week.)

Wrote four pages on my final paper in my journalism class. (Waiting for responses from two journalists to finish the paper. I hope they actually bother to respond. I cold contacted one of them last Tuesday, and she agreed, but hasn’t sent me her responses yet. The second I just contacted today…as backup.)

Got my textbooks for my summer class:  Leadership Communication. (Required class, but might come in handy at the day job.)

Speaking of the job, Administrative Assistants’ Day was this week (or was it Administrative Professionals’?), and my co-workers really spoiled me:

…I want you to know that that mortar bowl weighs about 25 pounds. It’s HUGE. Also, I’m about to go make guacamole in it, because what else would I initiate it with? They very kindly skipped the pink flowers for the most part.

I only worked about 45 hours this week, in 3 1/2 days, so it wasn’t horrible. All the bosses were in Denver for a big yearly meeting, leaving us peons unsupervised. Good thing we can be trusted. 🙂

I did manage to get completely overwhelmed with all my side projects (meaning NOT work and NOT school) like writing, revising, working out, and copywriting classes, so I gave myself a mental break and decided to extend it through next week to avoid a nervous breakdown.

This weekend has been pretty low-key, with a cold front that moved in and dropped morning temps into the low 40s. Springtime in Texas, y’all. Right now it’s so windy outside that it blew my table and all my plants over…twice. Time to reevaluate that situation.

I did write two book reviews, finished up a really good read (Beartown, by Frederik Backman), and picked out my reading choices for May.

Speaking of May:  I’ll be turning the big 4-0 at the end of the month. My….

There was also this:



2 thoughts on “week in review: all the pretty colors

  1. You have so much that happened last week, and all I can focus on is all those pretty pens. I want to color and write and plan and create. Ahhhh.

    Congrats on the weight loss. Don’t worry about the gain previously. It’s always a roller coaster and you’re still on the ride and that’s what matters.

    I’m so glad your coworkers spoiled you. You deserved it.

    Happy big 4-0! this month. That’s awesome. I’m not far behind ya.

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