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weekly workouts

I finally managed to get in all my planned workouts this week! I’m not doing super intense workouts or anything, But I got them done and didn’t talk myself out of a single one. (That in itself is HUGE.) Just for comparison, I’m also tracking my steps every day.

Monday:  (worked 14 hours) 11,956 steps

Tuesday: 4,144 steps (strength training + 1 mile at a a5-minute pace)


Wednesday:  (worked 12.5 hours) 10,602 steps

Thursday:  7,275 steps (worked 7 hours or so, strength training, + 1 mile run at the actual s-l-o-w pace suggested by my training plan)


Friday:  (worked 12 hours) 12,655 steps

Saturday:  13,568 steps (ran 1 mile, plus intervals that probably added another 1.25 miles)


Today:  6,125 steps right now (2 mile run at a 16-minute pace)



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