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week in review: fashion police and pregnant coworkers


Linking up with Meghan at Clean Eats, Fast Feets for the usual shenanigans.

I don’t feel that I accomplished a whole lot this week, but let’s see.

I finished reading The Long Run and The Rules of Half. Also wrote a post on the books I read in June.

Finished a paper and a Powerpoint presentation for my Leadership Theory in Communication class. (And taught myself how to add video and sound to Powerpoint while I was at it.)

Worked three looong, brutal days at the day job. (Can we just talk about working with someone who’s supposed to be on light duty—but refuses–and is 8 months pregnant and with someone on her first day back from maternity leave, in a highly active and technical job? I don’t want a repeat of Friday. Ever) As a bonus, here’s a shot of one of my co-worker’s attire on Friday:


Hours of amusement from the pregnant one. I’m telling you.

I discovered these:

bloody mary pickles

Thinking about taking them to work to fool myself into thinking I’m actually having a Bloody Mary…

Celebrated The Saint’s birthday with Andy’s frozen custard and a viewing of Wonder Woman. I enjoyed the movie a lot, and thought it was very well-done, although the ending did not make me happy. (I don’t like sad endings.)

Celebrated my four-year survival anniversary! (I had a major stroke on June 1st, 2013.) I’m so blessed to be here, but sometimes I forget that. Not this week.

That’s about it for me.



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