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these are a few of my frustrating things


Linking up with Amanda at Running with Spoons for random thoughts.

1) Why is it so easy to stop being healthy/losing weight/working out, and so hard to START? Seriously. I lost 27 lbs last year, and have gained all but 10 lbs back. It started with a running injury that kept me sidelined for 3 months, but snowballed due to lack of energy and laziness. Now I’m struggling to get started again!

2) Why is it harder/more expensive to eat healthy, and WHY aren’t more people in my life supportive of my efforts? Unlike my unsupportive co-workers. Why must you people offer me cookies? I’m weak! Seriously.

3) Why are mean/clueless/selfish/ lazy people everywhere in my life lately? No joke. Had a coworker yesterday who was content to NOT work while she played on her phone, left a ton of things undone (which are still undone, because SHE will have to do them at 5:30 tomorrow morning if she wants her day to flow), and then lied to my boss blatantly, whining about wanting to go home early. Y’all, my patience was tested. I’m not 100% sure I passed. I regularly work 12-14 hours putting in 11-12k steps…and this individual sits on her butt on her phone and complains about being fat. No lie. It’s a good thing I normally only see her for one half-day a week. Also, if you are a supervisor, and you tell an employee to go home and they tell you they’re just going to stay a while…WHY do you let them get away with it? Put on your big girl panties and deal with it!


I should go lay down now…


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