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week in review: turning tides (I hope)


Linking up with Megan at Cleat Eats Fast Feets today.

I’ve had pretty productive week. Not off-the-charts, not in the dumps, so it’s all good.

This week, I…

Worked 40+ hours at the day job. The usual beginning-of-the-month craziness. But I get a four-day weekend next week!

Read two books, Trust by Kylie Scott and The Awkward Path to Getting Lucky. I LOVED both of these! Trust was fantastic from the first page, and the two main characters were great. The Awkward Path had me laughing so hard, especially the scene where the ladies come running out of the back of the bakery with…toys…in their hands. Hilarious. (Also made me seriously crave cupcakes.) I read about half of Gather the Daughters before the cultural details got to be too much for me, and I had to put it down. I reviewed The Nearest Far Away Place and Dream Me, both of which I really enjoyed.

Only did a couple of workouts, but that’s better than none, I suppose.

Saw my doc on Thursday and got some…less than great news. My liver enzymes almost doubled in the last 3 months. I have alpha-1-anti-trypsin-deficiency, which can cause liver problems and emphysema, but when I had my levels checked in February, they were fine. So…the liver enzymes could be the result of crappy diet. Definite possibility. I have to have a liver ultrasounds, and more labs + another doctor visit in 8 weeks.


Well, on the upside, the rest of my labs were great. And I’m now motivated to get back on-track with eating healthier and working out. That’s going pretty well so far.

The Saint and I hung out, and watched The Losers (I love this movie!), and I cooked chicken fajitas–which I ate as lettuce wraps–and grilled asparagus.


I also had fresh pineapple and watermelon, and I made this cucumber salsa from Cassie at Wholefully.

cucumber salsa

This stuff is SO good! Seriously. You should make it. I did eat a few tortilla chips with it, but apart from that, I’ve eaten clean since Friday.

When I tried to re-arrange my computer room this past week, my heavy-as-heck desk started to break, so I scoured Amazon for one that would be lighter and easier to move. I got this one:


Note the plethora of tiny pieces of Styrofoam on the carpet…there’s a billion more in the hallway. The Diva brought her boys over to move the old desk out…which broke in the parking lot. Then, I spent two hours putting the new desk together BY MYSELF! (Which I’m rather proud of, not being very “handy”.)

This week’s project: sorting through all the stuff in the computer room and re-arranging some of it to optimize the desk.

Also, writing. Probably some reading as well.



6 thoughts on “week in review: turning tides (I hope)

  1. Ahhh fresh salsa is amazing. It’s been too long since I made a batch. You should definitely feel all kinds of proud for putting your new desk together, especially in only two hours. I consider my dad one of the “handiest” men I know, but I’ve watched him spend 5+ hours trying to put IKEA furniture together. It’s no easy task.

    1. I felt great…until I realized I had the keyboard holder on the back of the desk and had to re-do that bit…the instructions weren’t super-helpful, but the Amazon reviews DID offer some great advice. Thanks for reading.

  2. Yum that salsa sounds amazing so refreshing and perfect for Summer. Sorry to hear about your doctor visit, but hopefully some healthy eating will help.

  3. Aside from the bad news at the doctor (which really sucks by the way), it sounds like a pretty awesome week. Your eats look positively delectable and hooray for building desks. I love putting together furniture. Go you!

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