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weekly workouts #3

This week has been pretty “meh” as far as workouts go. In other words, I’ve been feeling pretty lazy. Sigh…

Monday:  worked 14 hours or so for a total of 13,282 steps (6.29 miles).

Tuesday:  Holiday. Obviously.

Wednesday:  worked 12.5 hours for a total of 11,743 steps (5.56 miles).

Thursday:  strength training + ran 2 miles.


Friday:  worked 13 hours for a total of 10,086 steps (4.8 miles).

Saturday:  Strength training and I did a little over 3 miles on the trails at a pretty good pace + ninja moves dodging spiderwebs for a total of 11,660 steps (5.52 miles).

Today:  LAZY.

Next week will be better.


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