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weekly workouts #4

I need an accountability partner. In my eating choices. My workouts. Life. That’s kind of the point of these posts: I’m basically physically lazy, and if I don’t keep myself accountable, I’ll totally slack off and slop around the apartment.

Which is kind of what happened since last fall. I was doing great:  running regularly, making healthy eating choices, and I’d lost about 27 pounds. Then I got lazy and injured, and gained back all but ten pounds, plus getting completely out of the habit of working out.

This is a habit I’m doing my best to break, hence these posts.

Also, I have a half marathon in…18 weeks.

So, this week:

Monday: worked 14 hours, 13,167 steps.

Tuesday:  ran 2.5 miles, plus strength session, 7,891 steps.


Wednesday: worked 12 hours, 10,552 steps.

Thursday:  ran 2 miles, strength session, 5,939 steps.


Friday: ran 2 miles, strength session, 6,520 steps.


Saturday: walked 4.0 miles, 11,214 steps.

Sunday: ran 3 miles,7,459 steps. (My first 3-mile run since last year!)


Anyone else need an accountability partner? I don’t know about you, but I can use all the help I can get.


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