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week in review: time off


Linking up with Meghan over at Clean Eats, Fast Feets for the usual review.

This was actually a short work-week for me, since I had FOUR GLORIOUS DAYS OFF! (For no reason. Just because I wanted to be off.)

I wanted to be super-productive with my extra time off, but…

I read three books, All Things New, Kissing Max Holden, and Ash and Quill (LOVE this series.) All three were good reads. I also reviewed Trust by Kylie Scott and The Mourning Parade by Dawn Reno Langley. I feel like I’ve been saying this a lot lately, but these were SUCH good reads!

Trust is a YA, but the characters are so amazing, I wanted to be friends with them. Edie is a bigger girl, and she struggles with her ideas about beauty, in addition to all the drama from surviving a hostage situation. And John…(fans self)…wow. I really do want to hang out with these two. The Mourning Parade had me ready to head to Thailand and work with elephants. I read this in less than a day. So good.

I got in a bit of writing, and some revising, too.

Let’s see….I got in four runs this week! I hit all my workouts, and lost a few pounds, too.

Except, this happened on Saturday…

andysY’all….Andy’s is amazing. There’s coconut, melted chocolate chips, and almonds in that thing, along with the vanilla frozen custard. And it’s been like a month since I hit up Andy’s, so this was necessary. (Why, yes, I can justify anything to myself, why do you ask?)

I feel that the not-healthy-but-necessary ice cream goodness was counteracted by this:

cervicheCeviche! Very tasty, and quite healthy, what with the lean protein (tilapia), fresh veggies, and healthy fats from the avocado. Yum. Now, if I only knew how to make this at home…

I made a small stop at Ulta. Seriously. I bought two things, and spent less than $20. So not my usual result there…


Oh, and I may have gotten a treat from Mexico.



That’s it for me this week.


4 thoughts on “week in review: time off

  1. The custard sounds amazing and I think well worth the splurge. It’s important to be healthy but it’s also important to live and a life a denial isn’t worth it. It’s all about balance and moderation, yeah.

    I’m reading What Alice Forgot right now and I’m loving it. I’m about halfway through and it’s how I want to spend all my free time.

    Go you taking some time off. Much deserved and I’m glad you spent the time reading instead of doing all the things. That’s the best medicine right there.

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