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week in review: not a thousand words


I haven’t blogged in a bit, but I’ve been reading them, especially the shenanigans over at Clean Eats Fast Feets. Thanks to Meghan for hosting today’s link-up.

Basically, the last few weeks have been super-busy at work for me, with a lot of new admissions, plus my boss was on vacation, which meant I got to deal with more fun stuff than usual. I’m still tired, so I’m going to keep this to mostly pictures.

work mess

This is what half of my desk looked like at 5 p.m. on Friday. (The other half looked about the same, with the addition of a half-empty donut box.) So, no, I didn’t get off at 5. More like 6. Sigh…


…if only…


Wish I had this right now.


Cleaned out my closet. Why do I even HAVE 2/3 of this stuff, when I wear the same basic outfit of yoga pants + a tee 90% of the time? Seriously.

carne asada

Saturday, The Saint and I went to church, enjoyed some tasty Mexican food, then saw The Dark Tower. I thought it was pretty well-done. Has anyone else out there read the entire series? Because I’m the only one I know who has, and the ending…

Also, I’m now on Instagram, which is mainly food pics right now, but if you’re interested in seeing a lot more pictures, check it out:  Finding My Inner Kate.

A lot of this happening over there:



4 thoughts on “week in review: not a thousand words

    1. The carne asada was SO good! And I definitely think you should read the series! King is a master, and that series links pretty much all of his other which is both mind-boggling AND creepy.

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