week in review

week in review: more jello than I care to imagine

I’m trying to get it together here so I can add “write blog post” to my Week in Review post for next week (being proactive at its finest, y’all). Also linking up with Meghan over at Clean Eats, Fast Feets to be doubly productive (and to keep myself accountable).


Confession:  this’ll mostly be pics from the weekend, because there’s no point in taking pictures of my 45 hour work week, which was long, tedious, and almost tear-inducing. I’m glad my coworker will be back from maternity leave today, so maybe I can start attempting to get caught up.

I attended a low-key backyard wedding for the son of a friend. The pictured list is the jello shot menu. They made 1,000 jello shots. True story. (Yes, the collective mental maturity of most of them was about 17, why do you ask?) Pro tip:  peach jello with cinnamon whisky is worth trying.

This is the before and after pics of the wedding weather. Yeah, those dark clouds rolled in about 20 minutes prior to the supposed 5 p.m. start time. Guess it’s a good thing the bride didn’t arrive until 6:30…

My Sunday eats: a pre-church birthday cake frapp from the church coffee shop, and post-church brunch at First Watch that consisted of the strawberry smash (strawberry lemonade with fresh basil), and a crab meat and asparagus omelet with hollandaise sauce, dressed greens, and some to-die-for seven-grain toast.

Oh, I did get in 3 short runs this week, in adherence to my low-key half-marathon training plan, so there’s that.

I also reviewed The List and Any Dream Will Do, and finished reading Blacksouls, If the Creek Don’t Rise, and All the Wicked Girls.

Onward and upwards.


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