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stuff for runners (to read)

I read a ton of blogs:  food blogs, healthy living blogs, running blogs, organization/productivity blogs… I’ve found all sorts of tips, ideas, and inspiration from these blogs, and I love following along in the lives of these bloggers I’ve come to “know.” Reading blogs frequently gives me the motivation to make changes in my life or to stop procrastinating and so something I know I need to be doing.

I thought I’d share a few of the links that have motivated me lately.

Music to motivate:  Summer Running Through the Decades Playlist by Confessions of a Mother Runner. Some of these songs are new to me, some of them I totally forgot about!

The power of what you think on The Hungry Runner Girl. Yeah, I tend to talk myself out of accomplishing my health goals, so this was a great read. Also, Janae is 6 months pregnant, and she totally has the right mental attitude about fitness and making the right decisions for you on a day-to-day basis.

Motivation to stick with running, by Monica from Run Eat Repeat.

Amanda at Run to the Finish providing another reason to want to go to Ireland.

A bit of motivation to start running from Laura at Lazy Girl Running. I keep re-starting this running thing, so I feel like a perpetual newbie.


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