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what my running motivation looks like on any given day


Linking up with Amanda at Running with Spoons to talk about my running motivation–or lack thereof.

Actually, I’m just trying to motivate myself into finishing the other half of my homework and getting a run in, since I was too swamped on Tuesday to run (bad runner, I know).

These are the stages of my running motivation, in memes.


The irony that I want to run is not lost on me.


In reality, I know that running less than 10 miles a week does not mean I can eat whatever I want. That does not stop me making excuses to myself when faced with something that is not on my meal plan but is tasty and tempting.


Me, halfway through a run of any length.


…and me at the end of any run.


The BFF and I deciding we want to sign up for another race–at the same time as optimistically overestimating both our abilities and our commitment levels.


But this makes it all worthwhile, especially when you utter a sentence like this and coworkers look at you like you’re crazy.



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