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week in review: more crazy


Linking up with Meghan over at Clean Eats, Fast Feets for the Week in Review.

The past couple of weeks have been crazy. I don’t live anywhere near Houston/the Gulf Coast, so Hurricane Harvey didn’t impact me, but we had two visiting patients that evacuated to our area, so there was some extra work. We now have an evacuee from Florida, plus two new admissions last week, and at least two, maybe four this week.

Good times.

School has been challenging. I spent nine hours on homework last Tuesday alone. Grad school is hard. I’m tired.

Last week, I got this:


It’s a Jetta, and I really love it. I had my last car, Lucy, a Ford Focus for 12 years, and she’s a great car. She’ll be going to a new home with my parents soon. I need a name for this one…

Started off some of the recent cooler mornings like this…


Reviewed The Salt Line and Bitter Past. I also read a handful of other books that I’ll be reviewing soon, On the Spectrum, A Few Minor Adjustments, and The End of the World Running Club.

Um…apart from work and homework, I had lunch with the BFF and another goodfriend from high school. I introduced them to Chef Blythe’s Southern Bistro and Andy’s Frozen Custard.


We also decided to attempt the Rim to Rim hike next October, so…looks like I’ll be training for that again. (That’s what I get for saying “Never again.”).

That’s about it for me.


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