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week in review: a whole lot of nothing

Linking up with Meghan at Clean Eats, Fast Feets for the Week in Review.


It appears that I did not take ANY pictures this week, so instead, I’ll throw in random things I saw on Pinterest. You’re welcome.


I worked about 47 hours last week, including an extra partial day on Thursday so the doc could approve a new patient to start on Friday (by “partial”, I mean I only worked 8 hours). It’s easier to get things done when you’re the only one in the building.

I’m glad we got the patient approval, but that meant I missed out on getting some pages written for my big consulting paper. Which is fine, because I’m ahead of the game.

I was super productive on Tuesday:  wrote two pages on that CCP paper, learned how to create a Snapchat ad and wrote a 2-page paper for my class, plus discussion board responses on last week’s assignment, and did another 2-page paper on my Adwords campaign. (The Snapchat/Pinterest assignment isn’t due until the 4th, so now I’m ahead!)

Since I was so productive on Tuesday, I did not stress over not having a chance to do homework on Thursday…

Saturday, I did a whole lot of nothing. Like, a lot. Wait. I went out for a pesto chicken pizza with whole wheat crust with Baby Brother. And I read Beasts of Extraordinary Circumstances and Firebrand. Yes, both of them. In one day. To be fair, I’m a fast reader. And Firebrand has been on my TBR pile since…February, when I met the author (Sarah MacTavish) at a local event. Fantastic book about abolitionists just before the Civil War.

Also…I was tired of being around

Sunday, The Saint and I were supposed to met up for lunch and to see Geostorm because Gerard Butler, but she was feeling under the weather, so we pushed that back. Instead, I was unproductive and rested and read all day. I’m not mad about that at all. zzzzzz





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